SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. was created with a mission to provide excellence in main services,


  • Claims Management Services
  • Design Management Services
  • Project Control Services
  • Project Management Office
  • Commercial Management Services
  • Contracts Management Services
  • Leading Capacity Building Service
  • Construction Enterprise Resource Planning

A message from the founder

SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. combines professionalism and expertise in project management with a team that encompasses their high level of experience in the industry while leading a countless number of successful projects. We thrive as a dedicated team equipped with valuable market insights and carry over (12) years of experience in this field. We are always ready to turn a catastrophe into a success story. This ambition aligns with the work culture of the UAE, and we are determined to overcome all challenges and provide exceptional results.

Welcome to SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO., where you can receive an astounding ready project. It is our progressive thinking and creative approach that has made us who we are today. It gives me great pride to be fully confident about the continuous efforts our team dedicates to deliver our mission and strives by achieving our client’s goals. We are a multidisciplinary consultancy with many layers in the construction field. We have the ability to deliver a ready project (turnkey) by receiving a brief from the client as well as monetizing the project in the future upon your request.

The UAE dynamic location has always made it convenient for big companies and entrepreneurs to establish and start their businesses here considering the fast-growing culture the country is living in, highlighting the fact that the UAE government always provides a safe and stable lifestyle. This is the reason why the UAE becomes home to everyone who moves here. As a result of our farsighted approach, we have grown and developed consistently and remained buoyant despite various challenges that the market has to offer. The primary reason for our success in achieving this is due to our constant efforts to adapt in every changing scenario while remaining competitive as well as our uncompromising commitment to quality and efficiency. We trust this command of success has found its way through our dedication, and we are confident to exceed the expectation of our clients no matter how challenging their goals can be. You just dream of a project, and we will deliver it to you ready.

Our Work Culture

We can combine our work culture in three words, “We Simply Care”. Our diverse environment greatly understands how important the services we provide to our clients are, and the zero mistakes policy we follow. This builds a trustable team spirit that is to willingly care and creating remarkable results while keeping our clients delighted by the service.

Our Vision

We aim to become the sole point of contact for Emirati citizens for activating their real estate (loans/grants) accredited by the UAE government. We will provide a seamless turnkey solution for our clients starting from the feasibility study phase till the facility management of the delivered project. We embed dreams to reality by introducing latest technologies and using professional teams that offer a complete solution any project requires. This is to be activated in line with the latest technological adaptation in order to achieve our client’s welfare.

Our Mission

To provide various services and smart technology related to the construction industry for (Government – Individuals). To provide a reliable advice to accelerate government grants for real-estate projects. To provide seamless turnkey experiences for our clients with an optimal solution system.