Claims Management Services

Claims Management Services

Proactive Claims management is crucial for any contractor’s existence in the market. We at SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. have the uppermost level of engineering and construction expertise to analytically deal with any kind of contractual delay, disruption, prolongation, acceleration, slow down problems that could surface at any stage of the project life cycle. Always ready to provide Claims Management Services in Dubai.
We have highly qualified and competent Forensic Delay, Quantum and Engineering Experts who will get to the very fine details of complex problems, whether it is related to design, construction, time, money, or contractual matters. Our experts are highly proficient in building up the most effective claims and defense.

We work closely with the clients to develop discreet and validated claim submissions and reports and support them throughout the negotiation stage by smooth out early settlement of the claim.

We follow the philosophy “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and will constantly pursue to find a resolution before it turns out to be a costly affair to resolve. We take time to capture what the client’s claims’ objectives are and how best our experts can fulfil the clients’ expectations, with always upholding professional ethics. Our involvement in the issues at the early stages of the project is highly recommended. This will enable us to use our expertise to the best interests of the clients and avoid the issues to be escalated in to fully blown up claims.