Claims Management Services

Proactive Claims management is crucial for any contractor’s existence in the market. We at SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. have the uppermost level of engineering and construction expertise to analytically deal with any kind of contractual delay, disruption, prolongation, acceleration, slow down problems that could surface at any stage of the project life cycle. Always ready to provide Claims Management Services in Dubai.

We have highly qualified and competent Forensic Delay, Quantum and Engineering Experts who will get to the very fine details of complex problems, whether it is related to design, construction, time, money, or contractual matters. Our experts are highly proficient in building up the most effective claims and defense.

Design Management Services

Project Design Management Service in Dubai. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. Managing Coordinated Design Integration for entire Project Life cycle. We provide complete Project Design Management services for all project development stages. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. professional design managers have the expertise to manage the designers and processes to ensure that all disciplines are well coordinated and integrated. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. emphasize on energy and cost efficient designs which are compliant with international and local design standards. Proactively “Constructability factor” is always considered in the design processes to avoid difficulties in the execution stage.
Apart from the complete design management, SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. do have expertise in providing “Independent Design Peer Review” of completed designs. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. also provide “Value Engineering Management” of existing designs to optimize the functionality with the minimum cost.

Project Control Services

We are providing Leading Project Control Service in Dubai. Project Control is the road map to project success. Projects can be successful only when they are delivered on time within in the budget and specified quality. In order to achieve these objectives, it is imperative to have solid project control systems in place. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. offer Project Control System implementation for their valued clients. The control system comprises of managing Schedule, Cost, Risk, Procurement, Quality, Human resources and Electronic data management (EDMS) systems. Experience the Leading Project Control Service in Dubai.

Project Management Office

Project Management Office in Dubai is Improving, Governing, Controlling and Assuring Project Management. A project management office (PMO) is a management structure that standardizes the project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques. The responsibilities of a PMO can range from providing project management support functions to actually being responsible for the direct management of one or more projects. There are three types of PMO structures in organizations, each varying in the degree of control and influence they have on projects within the organization such as Supportive, Controlling, Directive.

Commercial Management Services

There are some important factors in the successful completion of a project and commercial management service in Dubai is a very crucial part. Time, budget and quality are the cornerstones in a successful project. All these are greatly impacted by the commercial management. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. provides the best solution by providing our expertise in finding and procuring the material meeting the specification, quality requirements, budget constraints and following up on the timely delivery. Our team will ensure that the procurement is done with consideration to all factors pertaining to that project viz, the cost in reference to the budget, the delivery in reference to the project schedule and quality in reference to the specification. Our expertise will help in finding and procuring all kinds of materials, from the simple to the rare items, and delivered in time thereby allowing the project manager in the timely execution of the project.

Cutting the lead times on delivery, receiving the delivery of the materials on site on-time has a major impact on the smooth execution of the project and our services ensures it. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. also helps our client in procuring the materials inside the budget and if possible, help in completion of the project under the contractual time and budget through our commercial management service in Dubai.

Contracts Management Services

Contracts Management Service in Dubai. Successful project needs right association and partners in the completion of the project. This is possible only through a good contract management. Contract management is a crucial part finding and managing subcontractors and associates to get the best results out of them. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. contract management services ensure to produce, monitor and control subcontractors and partners required for the project. From producing the contracts with various subcontractors, to monitoring their performance, to auditing their bills etc. are all carefully carried out to optimize their services to the project. Our team of experts will make sure a smooth contracts administration with in time and correct upstream & downstream billing. They will help in managing the contract evaluation and preparation towards both subcontractor and the project client and will always safeguard the interest of our clients.

SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. empowers our clients with the added value of our contracts management service in Dubai and allows our client to have an extra edge in overall performance. As a project management consultant, we understand the importance of all small factors in the successful completion of a project and we strive to provide our best for the cause.

Leading Capacity Building Service

Leading Capacity Building Service in Dubai. Every organization have their limitations. The capacity of an organization or a project team might not be sufficient for a project or for a course of time for their growth. Capacity building is done by organizations in these times and it varies according to the objective behind the capacity building exercise. It can be done by addition of manpower or by means of capacity building services provided by SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. We are adept at capacity building and can provide capacity building for different departments viz, quality control, project control, project management, procurement, contracts management, quality management, commercial management etc. Our services are focused on different specialized operations that allows our customer to have their resources focused in different areas for the successful completion of a project.

SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. can provide Leading capacity building service in Dubai on various departments and for varied timeframes. Our services are centered on the principle of providing additional value and optimization of internal resources for our clients. Capacity building helps in taking that value to most of the departments in a project’s

Construction Enterprise Resource Planning

“Construction Enterprise Resource Planning in Dubai. In construction projects, it would be very exciting if an ERP system could provide real time cost against budget.”

Studies have revealed that construction projects are least efficient compared to other industries. It is highly challenging to map the cost spent against budget and forecast cost to complete, due to the complexity in construction projects. SKY ANGEL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. offer cost effective Construction Enterprise Resource Planning in Dubai through our strategic partners. We have satisfied clientele throughout MENA, Europe and America.